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Park Avenue Staffing Services

Park Avenue Staffing is a leading supplier of workforce solutions in the United States. We offer both end-to-end workforce management and comprehensive staffing services, specializing in the placement of highly-qualified candidates in temporary staffing, temp-to-hire contract staffing, and permanent positions. Our knowledgeable recruitment team is able to provide skilled and experienced candidates who are a perfect fit for your company’s needs, from entry-level office temps to senior-level professionals in a broad range of industries.

A company’s success hinges upon its ability to deliver high quality service at every level of customer contact. Our highly-trained recruitment specialists ensure that you get that quality, offering an in-depth understanding of your business’ personnel needs, flexible staffing solutions, and custom-matched candidates located with the latest search technology.

Industries We Serve

By offering access to an established network of candidates and providing up-to-the-minute workforce resources, we connect our clients with the top talent they need to improve efficiency and achieve stronger customer relationships. Park Avenue Staffing can provide successful placements in such industries as:

·         Information Technology

·         Reception and Office Management

· ·      Construction

·         General Labor

·         Transportation/Freight Services


 Flexible Staffing Solutions

Because economic conditions and your industry’s needs are changing all the time, your hiring methods need to beflexible. Park Avenue Staffing offers a few different ways to ensure you always have access to the right talent to handle your workload:

Temporary (Contract) Associates

Often, businesses require additional staff for seasonal work or large-scale projects. Temporary hires give you indispensable staffing flexibility for such short-term needs. Our contract associates will work for you on-call or on an indefinite contract that can be terminated at any time. Park Avenue Staffing’s contract associates undergo a battery of skills assessments to ensure their compatibility with the workplace environments in which they are placed.

Temp-to-Hire Service

Park Avenue Staffing will recruit, evaluate, screen, and interview candidates for your staffing needs, then allow you to see for yourself how chosen candidates do before making a final hiring decision. This allows you to monitor the employees’ performance and observe their suitability to your corporate culture during a trial period. You then have the option to convert temp-to-hire candidates into full-time employees.

Permanent Placements

Clients use our Direct Placement services to gain access to a selection of top candidates. All candidates must pass our in-depth screening process before we will connect them with client companies. If you choose to hire one of Park Avenue Staffing’s permanent placement candidates, you pay a one-time fee based on his or her first year’s salary. We do not charge a direct placement fee if you choose not to hire the candidate, or if you are unsatisfied with their performance during our trial period.

Workforce Management Services

Our workforce management service will help your company locate, secure and optimize the most important component to success– a complete staff of quality people. We initiate our partnership by developing a relationship with you, to understand your specific business targets and requirements. We then analyze the gaps in your current workforce, and develop a staffing strategy to close those gaps – placing people with the most essential skills and competencies when and where they are most needed.

Park Avenue Staffing employs some of the most skilled recruiters in the staffing industry. Let us go to work for you to find the perfect workforce solution for your company’s needs.


Park Ave Staffing is a capable developer and provider of full service, integrated training solutions for government agencies and military organizations. We have experience and personnel who have successful managed complex training programs for government agencies. PAS utilizes subject matters expert, effective training practices and appropriate technology to give you and your organization the training expertise that is needed. We have experience personnel to provide quality instruction to students in a wide variety of Occupational Skills for (MOS) for Enlist and Non-Commission officers.

Distribution and Transportation Logistic Service

Park Ave Staffing provide full service integrated Logistic services such as planning and designing, implementing or operating system or facilities for movement of supplies, equipment or people  which include; Warehousing services, Customer carrier services and manage transportation process using PAS brokers, Freight dispatch and non-PAS standard logistic carriers.