Park Ave Staffing set clear expectations with business partners across our entire supply chain. Our relationships are supported by socially responsible, ethical companies committed to treating their employees with respect and dignity. We value and encourage ongoing improvements in the suppliers with which we partner. If you wish to become a preferred supply partner, or a subcontractor please note Park Ave Staffing, LLC (PAS) is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standard of integrity and expects the same commitment from its business suppliers, contractors and consultants. As a demonstration of our commitment, PAS expects each supplier of services to PAS and, or  to our clients on Park Ave Staffing’ behalf to recognize the value of, and comply with the following Supplier Conduct Guidelines (“Guidelines”). By following the Guidelines, Supplier will help ensure Park Ave Staffing conducts its business for the benefit of all our stakeholders – fellow suppliers, customers, employees and shareholders.  PAS will consider Supplier compliance with these principles in  Park Ave  Staffing’ selection process and monitors Supplier compliance once selected.


Labor Force and Employment Laws/ Nondiscrimination

Park Ave Staffing (PAS) is committed to doing business with suppliers who are equal employment opportunity employers. Supplier must comply with applicable employment laws and provide equal employment opportunity, both in its personnel actions as well as in its employment decisions. PAS standard practice is to employ persons who are at least eighteen years old. Supplier may not employ persons working for or on behalf of PAS who are under the age of eighteen without advanced written consent by PAS. Supplier shall not permit or condone unlawful harassment or discrimination in its workplaces. PAS expects Supplier to maintain specific practices allowing individuals to report violations without fear of retaliation. PAS expects Supplier to treat all employees with respect and dignity and not to use corporal punishment, threats of violence, physical abuse or other forms of physical coercion, harassment, or intimidation.

Supplier Diversity

Park Ave Staffing, LLC (PAS) is committed to the development and growth of a diverse supplier company network. PAS promotes and expects Supplier to be active in the inclusion of minority, women, small disadvantaged, HUB Zone and service disabled veteran owned businesses in its own procurement processes. PAS encourages Supplier to share PAS core value of diversity by establishing and supporting its own supplier diversity program.


Safety and Health Laws

Safety is a primary concern to PAS and we expects  subcontractors (Suppliers) to provide a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with applicable national laws, rules and regulations, and to provide appropriate health and safety information and training to its employees.

Privacy & Security

Information is a critical business asset and PAS ability to manage, control, and protect this asset is critical to PAS interests. “Information” shall be considered and defined to include, but not be limited to, intellectual property, personally identifiable information, business and product development, data, sales, marketing and business plans, customer and supplier information, distribution, finance, human resources, consulting, partnerships, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and any other information related or pertaining to PAS employees, clients and  subcontractors that would reasonably be considered “confidential.”  


Insurance Requirements

All Subcontractor (Supplier) shall  agrees that it will at all times maintain in effect insurance, in amounts and types as required by the applicable agreement between Supplier and PAS  as per each required projects. The lack of insurance coverage does not reduce or limit Supplier’s obligation to comply with these Guidelines.


Background Checks

All Supplier personnel providing services for or on behalf of PAS must at a minimum to the extent permitted by law provide us with a criminal background  check. This is for security concerns and to verify the validity of who we are hiring before placing them  in our clients company.